The New Kind

October 20, 2019

A candle,

enkindling another candle,

and another candle

Alight day and night,

flickering in simplicity and humility,

always bright even

when gray pervades the blue sky

An art–a masterpiece–

of inner peace,

of joy,

of hat—

ever thankful for all of that

Painted on a canvass in umber,

in tan and tanner,

in beige and beiger,

in russet and pink,

where the brightest

are glistening

As day and night crescents


in soft,


rosy pairs

glowing from the goodness

permeating inside

Where nice

and happy thoughts

in purple reside,

in the household

of hope and faith

where thankfulness


the new kind.

Original version:

Canvass of Day and Night Crescent

Recommended Song:

The Blessings of My Day
Robert Mosci