Canvass of Day and Night Crescent

Thankfulness is a candle

Lighting another candle

And another candle–

Giving sun a rise at midnight

brighter than brightest

warm, light–but not scorching.

A masterpiece of art,

In which,

the face

Is a pristine canvass

Of day and night crescents.

Soft supple rosy pair of clouds

Envelop nose,

Embossing, illuminating

On both sides;

On all sides–

Heaven reigns inside–

–Where good thoughts

Are pink mists in cloud nine

And in moments in time, they become confetti of presents tag “To thankfulness, the new kind.”

–Where snows and precipitations

Are fallen intruders lost in commotions;

Who’d quick abandon their pry–

For the cold natured will never stand

The warmth of joy—

The very climate inside–

The royal,

Yet humbled kingdom

Of a thankful person.

The sore angry ungrateful’,

Is but a crumpled paper,

Empty, wrinkled,

Tossed by its own filthy angst–

Trashed without regard–

Didn’t even made it to can–sad!

4 thoughts on “Canvass of Day and Night Crescent

  1. What a beautiful poem and tribute to gratitude Aina! Your poetry has become very eloquent and evocative. Kudos. Tis the season for giving thanks and you offered a delicious toast to start the celebration. By the way, I love your family photos too. You are a beautiful woman (inside and out). Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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