To Be Thankful Means

A repost

To be anxious of nothing;
Be peaceful with everything.

To be angry of no one;
Be happy with loved ones.

To be pessimistic of none;
Be optimistic with what’s done.

To be ungrateful of no way;
Be appreciative all the way.

To be thankless of not a single day;
Be thankful everyday.

Because being thankful,
Is seeing the sun even before dawn.

That ever ardent debonair;
a mister that sneaks not in window pane;

But in our head,
Romancing our thoughts,

Luring our brains,
Lingering in our minds,

As happiness teases
with a hopeful heart day and night–

Always in great company with
Tomorrow and today;

Married to sky
Not in dismay.

Rainbow speaks of hope
Come what may.

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