Sense of Gratitude


Always give


thumbs up

for the big ones.

Dare put the little

on a Petri dish

to see;

they’re just



Write a list

and slid it to

the red Chino thing

of those yet to come.

When hope is down,

check the pulse

to realize

and appreciate

what’s in hand-—

Because sense of gratitude


with fill in the blanks.

Not By Choice


Hotel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii—November 15, 2019

The sky is the roof over their heads.

Their beds are right by the doorsteps.

Their walls fall in a matter of stomp or step.

They’re into intermittent fasting–

On a diet–

Not by choice.

“No one cares–“

So they thought.

The New Kind

October 20, 2019

A candle,

enkindling another candle,

and another candle

Alight day and night,

flickering in simplicity and humility,

always bright even

when gray pervades the blue sky

An art–a masterpiece–

of inner peace,

of joy,

of hat—

ever thankful for all of that

Painted on a canvass in umber,

in tan and tanner,

in beige and beiger,

in russet and pink,

where the brightest

are glistening

As day and night crescents


in soft,


rosy pairs

glowing from the goodness

permeating inside

Where nice

and happy thoughts

in purple reside,

in the household

of hope and faith

where thankfulness


the new kind.

Original version:

Canvass of Day and Night Crescent

Recommended Song:

The Blessings of My Day
Robert Mosci

To Be Thankful Means


A repost

To be anxious of nothing;
Be peaceful with everything.

To be angry of no one;
Be happy with loved ones.

To be pessimistic of none;
Be optimistic with what’s done.

To be ungrateful of no way;
Be appreciative all the way.

To be thankless of not a single day;
Be thankful everyday.

Because being thankful,
Is seeing the sun even before dawn.

That ever ardent debonair;
a mister that sneaks not in window pane;

But in our head,
Romancing our thoughts,

Luring our brains,
Lingering in our minds,

As happiness teases
with a hopeful heart day and night–

Always in great company with
Tomorrow and today;

Married to sky
Not in dismay.

Rainbow speaks of hope
Come what may.