May i


A digital painting created on December 25, 2016

May i live each day

In high hopes

And fervent prayers

For the good things

That life has to offer

And humble myself

To best

May i live each day

With thankfulness and gladness

For everyone and everything

That comes my way

For the heart and soul

i give and share

Will define me one day

May i live each day

Treasuring the lessons

i learned along the way;

To see my mistakes

And even those of others

As steps closer

To get things right

May i live each day

Appreciating the infinite sky

The golden sun

The starry night

The love i hang on tight

The songs we sing

In summer and spring

May i

May i live each day

In compassion and humility

For all of my life

May i

February 19, 2019, Honolulu, Hawaii