Perhaps Not a Many Splendor Thing


. . . but it must be something.

For out of patience and perseverance:
The seed once too tiny
grows into a tree so tall.

Out of its caring:
A piglet with congenital obesity regardless of nativity,
becomes a hypertension-free hog.
No one can call him “the biggest loser” while everyone enjoys his being roast pork.

Out of its passion:
The acrylic paints, which can cause headache,
can be obras in canvasses, which bring peace and joy to its creator;
which bring beauty and wealth to its purchasor.

Out of its meekness:
A boy turns into man, as he gives up
the sole ownership of his wallet and time
to the girl who sound like his mom.

Out of its wonder:
A lady turns into woman,putting her life at risk
to carry his child in her womb for nine months;
she puts her vanity aside and her figure to history,
whilst her self-worth modified.

It turns:
A hum
into song,

A stomp
into waltz,

A puppy
into dog,

A cat
into queen
of her nature-scented
fluffy throne,

A house
into home,

A tub
into bed
if husband
comes home late
without prior calling
his real boss,

A kernel
into popcorn,

it’s not
a many
splendor thing;

But it nestles
in our hearts
be young or old.


Recommended Song:

Best of Me
by Phil Perry

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