Do You Say, “Thank You?”

For every flower that blooms;

For all leaves, which kiss the ground in embrace of doom;

For every ripple that is chased by sands;

For all breezes, which caress the trees and heal hard working men—

Thank you,

Wonderful life!
For every morning and beginnings;

For the hard days’ nights and courage to try and try and keep believing;

For every crowing rooster that pays respect to the rising of majestic Sun;

For the horizon that spreads red carpet in bluest sky, dignifying the Majesty’s going down;

Thank you,

Wonderful life!
For every warm food on our table, and the frozen ones in defiant of expiry in refrigerator;

For the eight glasses of water and a Tall Latte, which fuel up this tiny me all day;

For every knitting family gathering and candid photographs of my everything;

For the consensus we reached, which means meeting in between—

Thank you,

Wonderful life!
For every friendship that makes our challenges light–friends are burning candles in our darkest nights;

For all loves, we cherish and nurture–no matter hard the fights–and floods of cry;

For every caffeinated hello to lovers and friends that we’ll never get tired;

For all solemn bades of goodbye in kisses and hugs, and in faith of the good times—

Thank you,

Wonderful life!
For this world, in black and white;

For this living, in glories and strife;

For the laughters and tears, and wisdom therein lies;

For this paradise, I live;

For this hope, I sing;

For this blog, I care;

For the truth, I share–

Thank you,

Thank you,

Wonderful life!


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