In Your Eyes


In your eyes,
I see a lakeside bungalow
with roofs in vibrant indigo:
Poled on it,
is a flimsy antenna of loneliness
bending to the breeze of summer;
Poled on it,
is a sturdy pink flag
of I Am Yours Republic
displaying bravado
even to the eyes of storms.
They stand still side-by-side amid the deepening of night.
They keep space to honor their differences
until aurora comes to light.


In your eyes,
I see Brownie and Miming
holding claws
while walking
while smothering
making Mama says
“Ay caramba,”
for a beauty
that can never be compared
as theirs is bound not to exists,
but something magical happens.
They defy reasons;
They give in to nature.


In your eyes,
I see two hearts
chasing each other
in the greenest field,
finally, cheek-to-cheek
when red horizons
start to seep in.
They walk above the waters Hanauma Bay;
They dive to the depths of Spitting Caves.


In your eyes
I see me
in REM
in bed of tulips and daisies
in colors of ROYGBIV,
while trade winds
are molesting my white skirt.
they don’t intend–
to share our heaven–
I bet.
They are just
teasing themselves–
I guess.



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