In Your Eyes


In your eyes,
I see a lakeside bungalow
with roofs in vibrant indigo:
Poled on it,
is a flimsy antenna of loneliness
bending to the breeze of summer;
Poled on it,
is a sturdy pink flag of I Am Yours Republic
displaying bravado even to the eyes of storm.
They stand still
amid the deepening of night.
They keep space
to honor their differences
until aurora comes to light.

In your eyes,
I see two hearts chasing each other in a very green field,
they’re cheek-to-cheek
when the red horizons appear.
They walk above Hanauma Bay;
They dive to the depths
of Spitting Caves.

In your eyes,
I see me in REM,
in bed of tulips and daisies.
is a vivid rainbow
half across the bluish sky,
Whilst playful trade winds
are molesting
my white skirt:
No, they don’t intend
to share our heaven-
I bet.
Just like you
they’re just teasing themselves-
I guess.

Recommended Song:

In Your Eyes
by George Benson