“Starry, Starry” Knight


“Starry, Starry” Knight,
Prince of Venus,
Duke of Mars,
how dare you rob
my caratless mind!
I cannot seek justice
against your heist
for in your lips,
I tasted the moistened Earth;
for in your chest,
I romanced with the grandest canyons of Universe.
I cannot seek justice
when together,
we burglarized the love birds
and albatrosses.

“Starry, Starry” Knight,
Prince of Venus,
Duke of Mars,
how could you lit a fire
in my arid mouth?
It’s now a brushfire
burning deep inside.
I cannot seek justice
against your arson
for in your smile
I landed and lingered in the moon
longer than Armstrong;
for in your kisses,
I pirouetted with the stars.


We bewilder the comets;
We damn the planets–
they think
ours is the new sun.


Perhaps Not a Many Splendor Thing


. . . but it must be something.

For out of patience and perseverance:
The seed once too tiny
grows into a tree so tall.

Out of its caring:
A piglet with congenital obesity regardless of nativity,
becomes a hypertension-free hog.
No one can call him “the biggest loser” while everyone enjoys his being roast pork.

Out of its passion:
The acrylic paints, which can cause headache,
can be obras in canvasses, which bring peace and joy to its creator;
which bring beauty and wealth to its purchasor.

Out of its meekness:
A boy turns into man, as he gives up
the sole ownership of his wallet and time
to the girl who sound like his mom.

Out of its wonder:
A lady turns into woman,putting her life at risk
to carry his child in her womb for nine months;
she puts her vanity aside and her figure to history,
whilst her self-worth modified.

It turns:
A hum
into song,

A stomp
into waltz,

A puppy
into dog,

A cat
into queen
of her nature-scented
fluffy throne,

A house
into home,

A tub
into bed
if husband
comes home late
without prior calling
his real boss,

A kernel
into popcorn,

it’s not
a many
splendor thing;

But it nestles
in our hearts
be young or old.


Recommended Song:

Best of Me
by Phil Perry

The Way We’re Not

The walk we had at Normandy,
where the coastlines,
of half-timbered houses,
of grazing cattles,
of Mont-St-Michael,
were endearing enough,
to take away our eyes
puppy-droopy for each other.

The Gondola ride we had in Venice,
where an ardent gondolier
serenaded us
the medley
of La Vie En Rose;
of La Mer;
of L’Hymne a L’Mour-
but none of his repertoire
was French enough,
to tune our ears
fuming in pink–
for the murmurs we exchanged;
for the kisses we stole;
for our rendezvous
‘neath and top the dirty-white blanket.

The snorkel we had in Maui,
where dancing blue dolphins;
where startled turtles;
where coral–pillowing crabs,
were entertaining enough,
to stop us
from playing,
our paling bodies

The gazing we had at Empire State Building,
where the 360 panorama of New York City;
of busy streets of Manhattan,
of serene Central Park
of neon glowing Madison Square,
were of grandeur enough,
to keep our hands.
onto the faded chrome binoculars,
as we tenderly held each other. . .

. . . savoring our moments
while our hearts
screamed in silence,
this is all we wanted.”

If Tomorrow Is a Lover


to flare,

to reinvent and liven yourself,

to make each 

of your encounter

like the first:


your Close-Up smile,

your dress-to-kill outfit,

your most comfortable shoes,

in daily date;

But know that

your innermost goodness–

the one that you live by–

is always your best attire.

If tomorrow is a lover,

be bold in expressing

your enthusiasm and optimism with fervor;

Be candid and true

to your joys and delights;

Be faithful to your hopes 

and dreams.

If tomorrow is a lover:


be ardent;

be passionate;

be loving 

and in high spirit

of what comes next.
YouTube/When Will I See You Again/The Three Degrees

We Strive



a slave of my endeavors and pursuits;

a servant of my efforts and results;

an activist of true peace

that believes

it lies

not on agreeing terms;

but it’s when

opposing beings

confidently carry their individuality;

and fearlessly speak their own voice;

yet relentless in working towards

a common good

and in the best interests

of what is in hand:

Peace then

becomes a knot

of woven strands

of the sky

binding opposing views

with prudence and humility

that can never be disguised.



who is just like everybody,

is trying to make a living;

is trying to make life worth living;

is trying to linger to thy passion;

is trying to create

and sustain meaningful relationships;

is trying to make sense

in every word and each act:

Because in everywhere,


is never easy.

But we always strive

to carry on.

When the Moon Nestles Best

Your smile

is a vibrant stamp in the sky

belittling the rainbows

thinking big to mass retire.

Your eyes

shy away the particles

boldly disguising as stars

day and night.

Your chin

Becomes invisible,

when the moon nestles best

in between your cheeks

so bright.

You see these,

all these precious things

between you

and me:

Time can bully me with anything,

but it can never

take these away from me

nor goodbye.

I know,

I just have to close my eyes

to see these masterpieces our hearts painted

to carry through all our lives.

Oh God,

I love that smile!