The Haikus of Ashi Akira 


I recently bought from Amazon our good fellow, Ashi Akira‘s collection of haikus–and thank goodness I got it! Because, I wanted it for so long. Butwith commitments here and there, delays were inevitable. Of course, I was extremely thankful for many reasons; however, let me tell you the gist: 

1. I have known the poet for years. I have followed his journey and have been amazed on how he can write of such depth and meaning with great ease and breeze. 

2. In this Twenty-First-Century, Ashi‘s haikus are classic in the modern day world. 

3. His poetry is very soul enriching–as he often depict nature elements in his poem (something he and I share in common). 

4. His book is available in Kindle and hard copies. 

5. It’s affordable, I got my Kindle version for less than $4.00 (mind you, tax is already included) 

6. Last, but not least, Ashi is an inspiration. Because to blog and write–and to be so good in doing both–it takes more than a talent. And his book can attest this. It speaks of a man, a poet, a blogger of such a big heart in fulfilling his passion and love for our humble community. 

Truly, I feel blessed to have Ashi Akira‘s collection of Haikus; and I encourage y’all to grab it. It’s a gem that brings delight in every word and rich imagery depicting art. Grab now! 

However, a friendly reminder: To enjoy poetry, you must sing or recite the poems; for that’s how you’d feel the poet and give justice to his craft. And in return, you’d enrich your mind and broaden your perspectives. Go! 

To you my friend, Ashi: You are a diamond! Because by putting your haikus in print, you make us realize that dreams are meant to be achieved. That if we are given gifts, we must cherish them; share them; and flourish with them; because they’re gifts! They are meant to be passed on. So, thank you!  I can’t wait to have your next edition. 

Finally, blogging takes more than bits and bytes. We, bloggers are faced with the greatest challenge to create a  much better Earth through this gift we call the World Wide Web. And we succeed not just on how well and frequent we post, but how we cherish and support one another. Because, we are all gifts. 

Thus, there is no competition at all; for our blogs are as unique as we are as individuals. And  like literal gifts , although we present ourselves in different “wrappers” and “ribbons,” but through the generosity of sharing our crafts and passions, even our joys and tribulations (goodness), our utmost hearts and souls, “we make this world a better place” So thank you all!
Aloha oe! Ahui ho! 
*This post is subject to change (pictures to follow). 
Happy blogging WordPress!

Twice Upon a Time


The ants suicided;

they overdosed themselves with sugar;

their bloods thickened;

and they expired

from complicated diabetes and aneurysm.

Mourning, I brokedown and contemplated on the whys;

I was unsure

if my tears were for aching,

or I missed the ants-

‘coz they were with us in pink-painting the town.

Perhaps just like him–

they don’t understand what hanging on is all about.

They can’t wait ’til I cross the Mississippi River

to be with him, and assure him,

I was with him in all of our hopes and dreams. . .

. . . twice upon a time.

YouTube/Moon River/Cellos

I Am Home


Gone are the days 

I was lost in the woods.


I am me

Without having to worry

If the moon is full

And packs would attack me 

out of lunacy.


I am at peace

To gaze at the deep purple sky above

While the stars go scarce or array.


I am loved 

Like how my sour cream smelling Pillow-Willy 

Have embraced me since infancy.


in your arms,

I can be a baby, crazy, 

witch, bitch,

fatso, cold,

broke, old, 

and not sorry.. . . .

. . . For baby

You’re my home. . . .

. . . and your arms

are forever 

my sanctuary.