The Very Essence of a Woman

The Very Essence of Woman3.july2015

The very essence
of a woman,
is to carry life
in her womb;
And to be
in the arms of . . .
. . . a man,
loves and cherishes her
as his priceless

. . . a man,
is confident enough
to bring out
the best woman
in her.

. . . a man
is strong enough
to embrace her
not just as a lover,
but as his soul-mate
and lifetime partner.

. . . a man
is brave enough
to hold her hand
and look into her eyes,
and say,
“You complete me.”

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33 thoughts on “The Very Essence of a Woman

    • Maybe, Brad: You already found it (or her); and you just didn’t notice.

      Nonetheless, thank you! And I wish you find that woman, who’d take care, honor,
      and love that very beautiful man in you–I sincerely do.

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