The Locket




nor days

can never steal

the locket

our hearts

etched yesterday.


our feet

may walk away


but deep within

the locket stays.

To open,

we would have to

close our eyes,

and let our hearts

find their way.

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Hallmark Memories

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Okay, Courage


Okay, Courage,
come with me
I go–
let’s go!

Let’s pas de bour rée
in the dance floor of despair
through grace
in acceptance and hope–
let’s go!

Let’s close-up-smile
in the valley of tears
through memories
of kisses and good cheers–
let’s go!

Let’s pole the flag of resilience
in the mountain of ridicule
through compassion
to the cynic and ignorant–
let’s go!

Let’s dive the depth of possibilities
in the sea of skepticism
through faith
that He remains
and goodness reigns–
let’s go!

Let’s fly high
in blue
even in grayish sky
on the wings of benevolence
and love.

Okay, Courage?
Let’s go!

The Portrait


The sacred rendezvous of Sun and Moon
in the purple sky above when evening looms,
where red, orange, and yellow
horizons are reflected below,
tenderly caressing the pristine waters of Marianas
while white dolphins and blue whales from Hawaiianas
are dancing
while pink mermaids are singing
in jubilee of an eternal knot
witnessed by sterling stars
and shimmering sands–
that my sweetest,
is the portrait
of this beautiful thing
we carry in our hearts
from the time we’re wrapped
in ethereal wombs
till death and beyond doom.

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Not Even Monalisa Can Come Close

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Featured Song:

Portrait of My Love

By Matt Monro, 1967

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