This Mighty Economist

Life is an economist that requires trade-offs;

ever requiring us to give up something for the sake of another;

ever demanding us to consider the costs and benefits of the choices we make;

ever instilling rationality;

ever imposing equality;

ever upholding standards;

ever securing purpose.

A diehard crusader of meaning,

. . . always rallying for vision;

always arguing for continuum;

always vigilant of opportunities;

always passionate in resolving scarcity of ways and means.

. . . ultimately ensuring we are giving our best; our very all

to our endeavors;

to our aspirations;

to our hope and dreams; even

to friendship and love

we build and keep.

Damn Thing

Deprived of time,
Hindered by miles
Faced with do-nots rhyme

How it conquered thy being,
There’s no way of telling

If lizards are eavesdropping;
If mice are screeching,
Relentless in digging

Damn thing
Must be a wonderful thing

Brown eyes
Are lightening;
White enamels
Are sparkling
Evincing harmony within

Damn thing
Is truly a wonderful thing.

Featured Song:

Wonderful World
by Renee Olstead