Amid four-thousand-seven-hundred-one miles, 

you’re the biggest rainbow gaily arched 

and watching me above,

enjoying the picturesque 

of me 

bragging my cheeks 

to the timid raindrops 

pouring down:

. . . from the rusting valleys 

to the greenest mountain;

. . . from the rushing rivers

to the bluest sea:

I see you smile

dreaming of me.

If Tampax birds,

and sexy-walking penguins 

can dream of something real,

why can’t we?


2 thoughts on “McHope

  1. I just returned to listen to the music again. This blog is an oasis for me. Thank you, Aina, for sharing; and especially for your continuing support of my posts.

    • Francis, always know that it is to my benefit to follow you and learn from u. We are friends and I’m very thankful for that. Happy New Year to you and Amanda!

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