All About Mihran

All About Mihran

Original posting date: August 17, 2014.

Thank you, Mih–for your kindness, your patience, your friendship–thank you!


I have blogged for years now. But I never met a man as gentle and kind as Mihran Kalaydjian. Because aside from the fact that he had been so generous reblogging my posts, there was this one very warm conversation I had with him.

When I posted my condolences to our dear Ajaytao, I made Mihran cry that day. Although I was worried if I made him cry because I wrote bad; or I wrote something for Oscar’s (coz I do have the tendency for drama), but I was really touched with his honest sentiment. Coz Mihran never met Ajay, yet he shed a tear for him. He even asked me “Why am I crying, Aina?” I told him, “It’s because Mihran, you’re a gentleman with a very big heart and beautiful soul.” And so we were both crying in the end.

And I mean those words up to this very minute that I am writing this post. I could go on forever enlisting all the great things I appreciate in Mihran. So, I narrow it down to ten, and they’re below:



2. He reblogs everyday, and in his most sincerest ways.

3. He visits, reads, likes and comments in our posts.

4. He has a picture of his brother (with his wife and beautiful kids) in his Awards and Accomplishments Page.

5. He writes free of ambiguity.

6. He uses simple words in straightforward ways.

7. He bridges bloggers–and

8. He is a live conduit of goodwill and friendship.

9. He has a heart as big as the world.

10. He has a soul as enormous as the universe.

I guess, what I am trying to say:
Mih, thank you for coming our ways! Thank you for the kindness you do everyday! Thank you for being a true gentleman in every way! You earned not only our respect, but our hearts as well. May all the blessing of Heaven and Earth be upon you, my friend! A million thanks to you kind thing!

P.S. Please own the message of the song below. It’s for you. I thank you with all my heart and soul!


49 thoughts on “All About Mihran

  1. I’ve only known Mihran for a few weeks now and I have to say that I feel the same exact way you do – in fact, I think that everyone I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with feels the same exact way. The minute anyone mentions your (Mihran’s) name – nothing, but kindness and beautiful sentiment comes spilling out of our mouths and/or through our hands. Mihran, you are blessed to have someone who wrote something wonderful for you – and it was beautiful …. but my friend – you make everyone feel that way! You’re an amazing person, spirit, soul and being. We all love you Mihran!!! ❤ ❤ Kimberly

    Such a beautiful tribute to such a lovely person – and I am so glad that he was there for you in a time when you needed someone – though I'm not happy that you were sad. 😦

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    • Wow! Kimberly that is so touching too! But please know that no matter who writes it, and how it is written too, knowing the truth alone that Mihran is indeed a nice man. It’s authentic and credible–Just like your comment right now.

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      • I’ve only been on WP since sometime in June, a very short time – and I’ve been so fortunate to come across such AMAZING talent – talent that I’m in awe of and read religiously – but surprising, I then started to cross paths with amazing people and spirits – people I respect and look forward to reading and hearing from — people I not only relate to, but people who have, and do, truly humble me. Mihran is one of those people and spirits – he humbles and touches me greatly … and you Aina – you are an amazing and wonderful person as well for showing so gratitude toward someone who touched your life. I’d love to follow you, for that reason alone! Thank you for your comment – and for being yet another wonderful pair of feet I accidentally tripped over on WP and found myself in the presence of ((((hugs))). ❤ Kimberly

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        • Kim, we are all passionate people here. Most of us are doing this for the love of our passions. There’s goodness in all of us, it’s just that some are not as brave as Mihran in letting the authenticity of his heart conquer this virtual world. You are in the right company with Mihran. Please cherish the man! Thank you gorgeous thing!


  2. What wonderful, kind, and loving souls you both are. This is an amazing tribute Aina – Mihran’s warmth shines through in everything that he does, whether it’s making angels cry with his music or just being the fantastic man that he is. And you’re a beautiful person both inside and out. Thank you for this. ❤

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    • Jo, I haven’t even done half of what you and Mihran have been doing. You guys are so awesome reblogging and supporting our fellows. I sincerely think that it’s a virtue to reblog. Coz most of us are blogging personal, and to share your space to someone virtual (modesty aside). So, all thumbs to you Jo. Coz though Mihran could be the Chairman of the Board, of great and kind rebloggers, I think you’re the righthand woman–for you have been very supportive to many of us as well. Aloha to you, Jo = )


  3. Lovely & heart-felt post Aina 🙂 Mihran is indeed inspiring & wonderful person. He has magical ways to touch hearts esp with his soulful Music & words. loved your musical tribute for him.
    Good Wishes . 🙂


  4. I want to thank Sheri de Grom for introducing you to me Mihyan! I am following because I like Sheri and I love her blog. If she is recommending me to your blog, then I know I have made a good choice.

    May you be blessed now and forever!
    And that goes for you to Sheri! LOL
    Sandy Ozanich


    • Oh Sheri is wonderful. I met her through Mihran. Her posts are always significant to many, if not all of us. See? The goodness of these two fine people–Mihran and Sheri? I just met another amazing person in you. Thank you, Sandy!


  5. What a wonderful, beautiful post. Even in the short while I’ve known Mihran I can honestly say, I definitely agree with you. You’re not so bad yourself girl! Love the Carpenters… especially loved the jazzy one. 😀


  6. Saw this reblogged on Sheri de Grom’s site and have to agree that Mihran is a special soul who not only shares himself with us, but also shares US with us! Yours is a much-deserved tribute to a beautiful man.


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