It’s for You to Own



Being away from my family, I master the art of being alone. However, when I say master, I don’t mean to claim I’m wall-strong that I don’t miss anybody. Because I do miss them so much. But He knows that if not for my schooling and my responsibilities as a bread winner, I rather stay home in Manila to be with my children. Sadly, this mommy has to go to back to school to earn more and secure her kids’ bright future.

Regardless, for ten years of being here, in the United States, I manage to find ways to ease my struggles. Topping all healthy and entertaining ways to combat negative thoughts, I turn to books and music; as I belt and groove with my favorite songs in my playlists. If I’m lucky enough, while belting and grooving, I draft a poem in my head and then post it right away. If I’m really blessed big time, I get your likes and comments, and we chat a little. And those are the things I do instead of sitting in a corner and harboring sadness, in case homeworks for school and work aren’t filing up crazy (which is very unlikely).

Be as it may, songs like Build Me Buttercup never fail to keep me up and make me happy. Composed by Mike D’Abo and Tony Macaulay in 1968, it’s a certified hit by a group named the Foundations.Build Me Buttercup is included in the soundtracks of blockbuster movies such as There’s Something About Mary and Mallrats. A No.1 in Cash Box singles chart, and No.3 in U.S. Billboard 100 in 1969, it’s truly an all time favorite.

On a more personal note, hearing Build Me Buttercup seriously, I could not help but groove, as if colonies of ants conquered my pants.

In fact, at one time, in my rhetoric writing class, during our team presentation someone’s phone rang, and the ringing tone was this song–and so I end up saying the “f” word in front of my professor and classmates–so horrible! Too embarassing! To save me from deafening laughs and humiliation, my professor said “It’s part of the presentation.”

To this day, it still make me laugh, not just out loud, but nearly rolling on the floor. ; )

But mind you, I’m not alone. Please pick one of the videos below to see my point. Thank you! Have a blessed week ahead and be happy!

The Happy Truth



In a photo album named happy truth,
sepias of two
are carved up on the sky so blue.
Candid shots of tenderness
subduing down the ocean
from aurora til noon;
Blazing scenes of romance
blending with the red horizon
from sunset til the day is through–
Holding, treasuring
its best moments
spent with you.