Incomprehensibly Yours



Why is the shore
so gullible to the waves?

Why is the sky
so lenient to the sun?

Why are the flowers
so generous to the butterflies?

There are a-hundred-and-one things in this world,
which are beyond our understanding–
and amid happening before our naked eyes.

But why decipher
and exhaust ourselves
in finding reasons here and there?

Coz if you really want to know,
you need an open heart to see
and a compassionate soul to comprehend. . .

such hallow beauty
of such ironies
in life.


Light in Blue, and Fade in Pink







-A repost-




See the skies
light in blue,
and the beaming spectrums
of the horizon fade in pink,
as the dusk is nearly through.


It doesn’t matter
if it’s coming
from the desert of south,
nor from the pole of north–
what matters,
is we savor this moment
as we gaze at this aurora together
until the sun rises anew.


So hold me close,
and let our most brutal
winter night
pass away.
Let our lips
ignore the flowing of gentle tears,
as our bodies
indulge to the burning passion
of our yesterday.


Because what truly matters,
is we let our hearts
embrace the hope
this new morning brings;
as our souls
unfold the grace
in goodbye.







Where, Where, Where Is It?



Is it among those sparkling stars above;
something too majestic,
yet too high
for a human heart
to reach?

Is it down there in the deepest sea,
hiding in corals of paler shades of pearl and deeper moss of green;
or too buried in the hallow salt and pepper sands
that only the bravest
could feel?

Or is it treacherously hiding
in red-orange and yellow-gold streaks
of the horizon,
too blazing for the
wistfully longing she?

Or maybe it’s the missing note
to the unfinished melody
that she tearfully hums
as the sun goes down, until her tears run dry
and she falls asleep?

But where?
is he?