Where, Where, Where Is It?


Is it among those sparkling stars above;
something too majestic,
yet too high
for a human heart
to reach?

Is it down there in the deepest sea,
hiding in corals of paler shades of pearl and deeper moss of green;
or too buried in the hallow salt and pepper sands
that only the bravest
could feel?

Or is it treacherously hiding
in red-orange and yellow-gold streaks
of the horizon,
too blazing for the
wistfully longing she?

Or maybe it’s the missing note
to the unfinished melody
that she tearfully hums
as the sun goes down, until her tears run dry
and she falls asleep?

But where?
is he?

About AinaBalagtashttps://lyricssentimentsandme.wordpress.comI am an essayist; a news writer; a poet; a big fan of language and words; an ardent lover of imagination-- I am but a writer.

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    • I’m very ordinary. As to multi-tasking, I believe, in these modern days, we ought to be comfortable doing multiple things at the same time in order to survive gracefully. Thank you, Mr. Priest!

      • You´re not ordinary doing what you do, one thing is multitask certain things a.k.a me, example of me: I can walk, eat gum, or also I can type and answer some people that are talking to me, that could be considered mild multitasking you are in quite another category. Which you should be more than proud by the way.

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