Lights, Camera, Action!

Something borrowed from the Essayist

Glory is to fly,

always below the himalaya

of a passion soaring high.

Spring Semester 2015 is up, and so am I. Because, finally, I’m completely moving to the bigger campus of the University of Hawaii West Oahu. And what this means to me, is that I am getting close to my humble dream of becoming a Certified Public Accountant and tax attorney–and in lieu of a lifetime devotion–to be more of service to my less-privileged clients at Legal Aid Society of Hawaii.

However, as I was struggling yesterday with the $4.00 tote bag that weighed more than 20 lbs. of $1,000+ worth of hard bound textbooks, I couldn’t help but cry for the prices I had to pay in achieving my dream: First, being away from my children. Second, possibly being away from you too, my WordPress friends (for inevitably losing this liberty to write and blog as much as I love to).

It was a quick sentimental moment. But I ended up writing the poem below (quite inspired by William Shakespeare’s All the World’s a Stage).

Regardless, thank you everyone for the support and friendship–a million thanks to you all! I hope you cherish your crafts (just as you cherish your blogs and followers too). Have a good weekend, and be happy!


Just me

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights are up,

and the kick-off

of a playwright

we call life

has just begun.

And as the cam

focuses to you

and Ai,

be ready

for the multi-colored stage

to own.

And action!

Time to give your best,

and to execute excellence

with no remorse!

For only when

you give yourself

to your passion,

you’ll earn true claps

from this world.

And those hard-earned claps

will go on

even when the lights turn soft,

for as long as

you have given

your all.


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