My Everything

You are everything

You are

. . the air
I breathe;

the glorious sun
that warms my heart;

the vast of green
that imbues all of me;

the morning dew
that makes me feel brand new;

the gentle wind
that inspires the best in me;

the calm sea
that lets me dive to life;

. . . devoid of impossibility;
devoid of regret;

. . . filled with hope;
filled with joy.

Because you,
my sweetest thing–
is my

Earlier Version:

You Are Everything

7 thoughts on “My Everything

  1. One of my favorites by the Stylistics, a Philadelphia group of singers and Daryl Hall another Philly Guy! Being from Philadelphia I love them both! You could not have a chosen a more beautiful song! It always brings a smile to my face! Thank you Aina for sharing such a sweet blessing!!!!!

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