A Lonely Afternoon


-Revised and reposted-

It’s two-o’clock,
but it seems
like six or seven.
The grayish clouds
are thickening,
and it’s starting
to drizzle.
While an old melody
starts playing,
a very familiar longing
begins unfolding.

as the “long,
and very “lonely night”
is slow approaching,
are fast rewinding.
While silent tears
to fall,
this very lonely heart,
is inevitably missing;
uncontrollably hoping;
and, so undeniably

About AinaBalagtashttps://lyricssentimentsandme.wordpress.comI am an essayist; a news writer; a poet; a big fan of language and words; an ardent lover of imagination-- I am but a writer.

6 thoughts on “A Lonely Afternoon

    • Your art, Francis is way, way better than that. Likewise, your photography is getting amazing too. Thank you for the kind words, and the unwavering friendship! Thank you.

    • Really? Sorry to hear that. It was tough, that even I tried to ignore, and bury myself to books, something inside was screaming, and haunting. Thank you, Pink!

  1. Hi, Jean. Thanks for the kind words. I used to. But I don’t have time these days due to school.

    Broken heart? I used to. And though I kept saying the wounds have healed, on and off, I couldn’t hold the tears.

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