A Lonely Afternoon


-Revised and reposted-

It’s two-o’clock,
but it seems
like six or seven.
The grayish clouds
are thickening,
and it’s starting
to drizzle.
While an old melody
starts playing,
a very familiar longing
begins unfolding.

as the “long,
and very “lonely night”
is slow approaching,
are fast rewinding.
While silent tears
to fall,
this very lonely heart,
is inevitably missing;
uncontrollably hoping;
and, so undeniably


6 thoughts on “A Lonely Afternoon

    • Your art, Francis is way, way better than that. Likewise, your photography is getting amazing too. Thank you for the kind words, and the unwavering friendship! Thank you.

  1. Hi, Jean. Thanks for the kind words. I used to. But I don’t have time these days due to school.

    Broken heart? I used to. And though I kept saying the wounds have healed, on and off, I couldn’t hold the tears.

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