Is You


The rocky road
that delights my day
when I am blue–

The rhythm and booze
that calms the anxious me
when things are not so cool–

is sweeter than apple;
is richer than chocolate;

is brighter than the stars;
is warmer than the rays of sun–

the heavenly indulgence of my body. . .
the core capillary of my heart. . .
the grand symphony of my soul

is you.

The Very Essence of a Woman



The very essence
of a woman,
is to carry life
in her womb,
And to be
In the arms
of a man
who would
love and cherish her
as his priceless
A man
who is
confident enough
to bring out
the best woman
in her–
A man
who is
confident enough
to embrace her
not just as a lover,
but as his soul-mate
and lifetime partner–
A man
who is
confident enough
to hold her hand
look into her eyes
and say,
“You complete me.”


Let Me Be the Only One




Let me be
the sunshine of your rainy days;
the moonlight of your starless nights;
the beacon of your hope;
the comfort for all your ruins;
the solace for all your struggles;
the trophy for your unwavering faith–
For these,
are what you are to me.

Let me be
your home,
as you are my sanctuary;
Let me be
your always,
as you are my forever
and beyond.

Let me be your only one.