The Very Essence of a Woman


The very essence
of a woman,
is to carry life
in her womb,
And to be
In the arms
of a man
who would
love and cherish her
as his priceless
A man
who is
confident enough
to bring out
the best woman
in her–
A man
who is
confident enough
to embrace her
not just as a lover,
but as his soul-mate
and lifetime partner–
A man
who is
confident enough
to hold her hand
look into her eyes
and say,
“You complete me.”



8 thoughts on “The Very Essence of a Woman

  1. La Mer – one of my favorite songs …. but Aina, there is more to life of a woman than a man’s arms! It’s not man that make us women complete. But I would love a man to say – “You complete me” *smile


    • Wivi, I know that’s your favorite. And that’s my favorite too, in fact I can sing the French version decent enough, but only to my ears though. I would never dare to record that, coz I’m scared to drive people away. And by the way, you know that the poem is inspired by you, right? Thank you, Wivi, for everything. Xoxo


  2. A beautifully written piece, my friend…and Yohooo~ new outlook!! Sweet!! Love it!

    Have a wonderful and sweet day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀


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