I Can’t Smile Without You



The air that I breathe;
The rainbow that brightens my day;
The summer breeze that warms my cheeks;
The dream that keeps me going;
The delight of my eyes;
The music of my soul;
The joy of my heart;
My loyal fan;
My best friend;
My faithful lover;
My fantasy;
My reality;
My life;
My everything,
And that’s how big your role in my life!
Without you,
I can’t smile,
Neither, grin.
Without you,
Life has no meaning.
Without you,
I can’t go on living.

10 thoughts on “I Can’t Smile Without You

  1. I still have to comment on your BEAUTIFUL ONE verse in your happiness and soul has so much love , that the world has ever seen , blessed is he whose name is mentioned , your words constitute so strong poetic images I enjoy reading them all the best maxima


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