I Love You All the Way


With the entirety of my being:
from the innermost core of my heart;
to the very depth of my soul;
amidst dire barricades,
despite grand walls,
inspite of any given facts,
regardless of screaming differences,
notwithstanding what will come along,
be in hell or in high waters,
I love you.
I will always love you,
always, always will. . .

All the way.

Featured Song:

I love You All the Way

By Janie Frickie, 1978

http://www.youtube.com/RL-yB6HWQVo (Courtesy of YouTube)



Say what you mean,
and mean what you say.
Don’t talk nonsense.
Speak with weight.
Don’t talk in haze,
Speak straight.

You may write an essay,
or a play,
for a broadway,
in a hallway,
or a driveway,
in whatever ways,
just write and say
your heart out.

Never talk like doomsday;
avoid cliché.
Speak with grace.
Never brag;
No one listens to proud.
Say and be glad
for the voice,
the message,
and the gut.

Featured Song:

Say, Say, Say
By Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney