Loving You


And night
I think of you;

Not just at night,
But in broad daylight too.

As I am really praying
For every good thing
We’ll share our whole “life” through.

Movies, with or without popcorn;
Walking, be along the beach,
At the mall, or busy streets;
Dining, in candlelights or “cheap eats;”
Cocktail, with or without *pupu,
I think, I am fine with those too.
Coz I just wanna be with you.

Though I have nothing grand to offer you,
My Boo,
Rest assured,
I will always be here for you,
Not just as a lover,
But your best friend too!

Being with you,
Is all I wanna do,
My Baby Boo,
I so love you!

*pupu (Hawaiian) means appetizer.