What Friends Are For

I just finished watching the 2017 film of Victoria & Abdul. I watched it twice to grasp as much humanity as I can. Because I am moved by the story’s core theme of friendship—one of my favorite subjects to muse and explore. Please note, however, that it’s a real-life story during the Victorian era, when the female protagonist ruled as the monarch of Great Britain and Ireland from 1937 to 1901, or the death of Queen Alexandrina Victoria according to the Website of the Royal Family.

In brief, the story is about the friendship of the late monarch and her Indian friend, Abdul Karim. Sadly, most people during that time, saw their friendship malicious, when come to think of it, friendship has many faces just like love. And I can relate.

With all honesty, several times in the past, I faced scrutiny for having men friends. But just like the woman protagonist, I didn’t give up on friendship, thinking and reaffirming that regardless of any reasons, to find or have a friend—is such a blessing. It deserves impunity.

I reiterate: Friendship is the highest form of love on earth. That even marriages transcend into deeper friendship over time. Again, sadly, even love, or friendship for that matter is not exempted from the gravest human error of prejudice. But isn’t it, both love and friendship can bring out the best in us? That to find another human being, who treats us with kindness and affection, is indeed a blessing. That this world is too big, and life is too complicated for anyone to be alone. That to find someone, who is willing to be there for us ‘til our last dying breath, is truly a gift to cherish? More so, if it’s more. I am just glad it was captured that way in the film.

To end, here in the Blogosphere, we are lucky enough to make incremental steps in healing the wounds of prejudices. For we follow, we like, we comment, we support one another without regard to age, religion, race, gender, even language barriers (or/and the likes). This is one great reason; we should cherish blogging. For we make sense here, never allowing such blind spots hinder as we strive to be better people and make meaningful lives. Bottom line: Friends are friends. And love is love.

Happy blogging to you all!


YouTube/Dionne Warwick and Company/That’s What Friends Are For

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