. . . is seeing the sun so bright

amid the raging storm,

and in absence of light.

. . . is a clenched-fist, a stronghold

on knowing that something good,

and better, and best is ahead.

And the lack of it

is fate–

A punishment to oneself.

And a hopeless person is

the epitome

of pathetic.

. . . been there;

done that.

Hope, I keep up.

YouTube/Sergio Mendes/Rainbow’s End

15 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Heyy!! Your posts are awesome!! Amazing and beautifully written poems! You’re really talented! I’m fairly new here (I’ve just been blogging for a month now) and it would be really nice if you could check out my site and let me know some feedback (or follow it if you like it 😂) so that I can make it better!! Your experience can help me make my site better! https://whatareuuptoduringthelockdown.wordpress.com/
    Thank you sooo much 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s for 500 posts actually. And it means a lot to me, because blogging and writing are my ways of coping with my challenges. Nonetheless, thank you for your generosity. I see you in yours in a while. Thanks again.


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