With Heartfelt Thanks

(updated at 1:25 P.M., July 5, 2020) I’ve been blogging since 2006. However, back then, I wasn’t so active here on WordPress, because I was submitting contents at Yahoo as a contributor. But in 2012, a huge part of my world evolved in blogging amid busy schedules at work and school. Thus, in such span of time, I met so many fellow bloggers, and only few ended as my close friends. Although, I’m so thankful to this day that those few still support me; there’s a part of me that’s hurting for the great others I lost touch with, knowing my inability to reciprocate to everyone’s likes and comments, (and perhaps my addiction to love poems and songs) had pushed people away. My bad–I know. Forgive me.

But please don’t get me wrong, I’m not bothered by any numbers at all (I survived the hell of nothingness—without the slightest bitterness). Because to me, one follower alone means so much already. It’s inspiring and very encouraging that someone believes in you, and/or appreciates you.

With all honesty, what’s hurting me, is perhaps the guilt knowing I offended good people by either falling short in reciprocity, or in standards, or in both. Thankfully, through prayers and meditation, I’m on my way of achieving peace of mind. I keep reminding myself that our hearts are not sewers to hold angst and grudges. So, now, what I do, is I go to their Sites, and I read their posts without making my presence obvious.

One moral lesson to keep: losing a friend is just as painful as losing a lover. The pain is not in zero ROI (return of investment) for the emotions we invested; but in the melancholy of goodbye.

Please note that friendship is different from readership. We need not to worry about the latter, because the Internet is not going anywhere. For as long as we blog with passion and enthusiasm, and we earnestly keep our blogs up, readership is guaranteed. Let us motivate ourselves not by any numerical measures; rather, feel empowered–yet humbled–of the privilege having a voice to speak before the World Wide Web.

On friendship, losing a friend, is like losing a limb. With that being said, honestly, right now, I’m a bit “crippling;” but not broken. Because again, I put my hopes and faith in prayers that I may heal. Time is a great companion when it comes to the journey of healing. And sense of gratitude is the key–it’s liberating.

To end, thank you for your generosity! I am humbled by your gracious presence in my Site. Pardon me for falling short often in reciprocating your kindness. Always know that I’m proud of y’all for keeping your blogs up. Because, it’s one hell of a task to make this Internet humane—and you are all doing a great job! Oorah!

To those kind souls I miss so badly: Thinking of you burns my eyes. And I wish to hug and kiss you (although social distancing won’t allow us to). Nonetheless, I wish you all the best in your endeavors; May you be bless with so much love, joy and prosperity along with your families. Stay safe and healthy. Notorious Corona virus is still on the loose. Lastly, a million thanks for your inspiration and for meaningfully touching my life! Thank you! So long my friends.

To God be always all the glory. Aloha everybody.

YouTube/Here, There, and Everywhere/George Benson

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