The Paradox of Waving Hands


Should I wave
from left to right
or close-open?

Should I wave
like Diana, Pia,
or Michelle?
don’t say Melania.

Should I wave
far up in the air
or down
inches close
to my chest?

Should I wave
and throw flying kisses
or marching tears?

Coz though your love
is king;
isn’t the queen.

So I wave
to say bye
I can’t say good;
I can’t see good

as bad diamonds
keep popping
in my eyes.

Featured Song:

I’m Never Gonna Say Goodbye
By Billy Preston

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A morning sip of freshly brewed Kona coffee

When I was in a hurry

Has burned my tongue.

Though it sore and feeling dumb,

I did not spit nor dump.

Coz in a minute or two,


A day full of energy and gusto

Await. . . oh wait–no need for muchacho.

Lamentar? No!

No me arrepiento!

My tongue still a tongue.

No me arrepiento!