A Million Thanks

Going through a horrible chapter in my life, I’m apparently depressed according to my doctors. Isn’t that ironic? Because it seems like yesterday when almost everyday I “whistle and sing” joy, hope, love and faith. But here I am, totally lost and broken, and barely breathing.

On a positive note, this blog, and you my friends, are the only ones keeping me holding on. Because through your kindness and generosity, I still believe there’s goodness in this world.

Truth: Ever since, all I wanted was to write positive thoughts, as I opted to be an inspiration, thinking that I survived hell and high waters as a mother, I can be a tiny voice of my humble advocacy. For my utmost purposes in blogging: 1. Truth (creative or raw, but true). 2. Healing (Not first aid, but long and guaranteed recovery from the ruins I endured from a shady past). But to win friends among you finest people of this Cyber world, is “cream of the pie.” I am very thankful!

And because I am grateful and humbled of you gracing my blog, out of your unwavering support, I won’t talk of the messy details of how I get ill. But instead, let me assure you that I will strive and get through this. I will work harder through exercise, meditation and reading to be in my norm.

Nonetheless, I apologize for my being turtle in returning your favors. Just keep in mind, I am also grateful and proud of you all, who keep your blog and continue to share your passion. I am a fan of yours forever.

Again, thank you, WordPress! Namaste. . .


P.S. Good news: After a year of “marriage” with my Apple Watch, and six-months in 24-Hour Fitness, I lost 38 lbs. I now weigh 124 lbs. From size 10, I’m now down at 4. To reach 110 lbs. is my ultimate goal. Along with daily cardio and Pilates, lots of water, very limited sugar and salt, I think I can achieve that goal.


7 thoughts on “A Million Thanks

  1. I wish great strength for you Aina, to keep on going towards the light within. Many of us here, myself included, have faced circumstances similar in their way to yours. Just try to believe that there is always a way, and I hope most sincerely that you will find it. We are here for each other; we band of bloggers who write to support a civilised net.

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    • I’m trying Francis. But it’s hard. I cry in anguish for my children, my mom and sisters whom I promised the best of me. But then fate is relentless in putting me to test. Again, I’m still thankful to have you and our other friends, who for many years have kept me real good companies. I appreciate your words. I keep learning on your posts. You’re a river of wisdom, virtue and peace. Thanks to you and to darling Amanda too for the friendship and caring! Thank you!


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