A Blogger’s Fate

Pull a chair,

Come closer,

Meet the eyes without a blink,

Clasp hands between palms,

Speak without a slur, an aah or umm–

Obsolete sincerity gauge,

So overrated!

What comes with About,

Is the voice and courage.


Hate not

Because things are virtual.

Hate not

The bloggers

For being unseen and unusual.

Hate not

For the differences,


And creating a difference.

Hate not

For posts yet to publish

Or put in private–

Hate not

Any exercise of entitlement.

Hate not at all.

Hate is hate

Anywhere you go.

Hate is cursed–

Always hurt–

At least two

Or more–

More forevermore.


Limit not

the vision

to what nickel-sized eyes show;

they can’t show the world–

neither all you need to know.

Limit not

one of warmth

from palms so worn.

Limit not

The hearts

To great things

That can be done

To live and evolve.

Limit not

The prayers and hopes

Of good thoughts.



Limit not the bloggers

for their greatest posts

yet to fold.

Limit not the bloggers

of any definition

of meaningful posts.

Limit not the bloggers

to post at all.




Hemingway missed

this World–

In bits and bytes–

Is the finest of them all!

Wand-like fingers

have defied space and time.

Godly brains

have known the unknown.


have blended.

Ways of living

Have McGyvered and Einsteined.

Passions expressed in posts

are healing the world.

A blogger’s fate,

You never know.


2 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Fate

  1. There is something very special with your words in this poem ~ it is for those lucky moments when we connect with a blogger, and sight unseen ~ “Meet the eyes without a blink, Clasp hands between palms” and appreciate the unseen but felt support. Wishing you a great week ahead Aina!

    Liked by 1 person

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