In the Sea and Beyond


In vain

I waited

for the firmament

to open.
I searched high and low

for the key,

. . . in the greenest mountains,

then in the bluest seas.
I begged the sands to show me.

I feared the waves were making trouble

and in connivance

with the Hawaiian seals.
I saw them barricading

the shores of Waimea;

capitalizing on torts

jerking my hopes.
. . . never knowing

he was

at the other side

of the shore.
. . . never knowing

his heart held the key

and clamped onto his soul

was the chain to earth’s glories.
. . . never knowing

in his eyes,

was the firmament,

a heaven long waiting to shine on me.
. . . but now, I know my lips hold the key, 

for as they put dumps on his lids,

the firmament closes

and he goes to sleep so quick.


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