When the Moon Nestles Best

I see your smile

a vibrant stamp in the sky

belittling the rainbows

thinking big to mass retire.

Your eyes

shy away the particles

boldly disguising as stars

day and night.

Your chin

Becomes invisible, when the moon nestles best

in between your cheeks

so bright.

You see these,

all these precious things

between you

and me,

time can bully me with anything,

but it can never

take these away from me

nor goodbye.

I just have to close my eyes

every once in a while,

to see these masterpieces

our hearts painted

to carry through all our lives.

Oh God,

I love that smile!


11 thoughts on “When the Moon Nestles Best

  1. Such a wonder to read your words again Aina, “I just have to close my eyes once in a while, to see these masterpieces” Music and magic in those words. Wishing you a great day.

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