We Strive




a slave of my endeavors and pursuits;

a servant of my efforts and results;

an activist of true peace

that believes

it lies

not on agreeing terms;

but it’s when

opposing beings

confidently carry their individuality;

and fearlessly speak their own voice;

yet relentless in working towards

a common good

and in the best interests

of what is in hand:

Peace then

becomes a knot

of woven strands

of the sky

binding opposing views

with prudence and humility

that can never be disguised.



who is just like everybody,

is trying to make a living;

is trying to make life worth living;

is trying to linger to thy passion;

is trying to create

and sustain meaningful relationships;

is trying to make sense

in every word and each act:

Because in everywhere,


is never easy.

But we always strive

to carry on.