The Hands of Clock


Though uneven,
they travel in a steady phase.
Although the long seems more agile than the shorter,
It never matters
if they overlap one another.

Hence, even if the sun is shining bright;
Notwithstanding if the moon is too pale,
in track they stay
always working night and day.

Man thought
He can use this
to his advantage.

But amid knowledge and skills;
Given his vigor and technology,
Man can’t keep up with time
and fails.

Simply because,
the hands of clock are ever empty;
but Man always carry more than his hands can take . . .

. . . ever ensuring
he has everything
and nothing to worry,
he carries them all
no matter how trivial and crazy.

Note that this is not a mystery story
of a clock always up and too early;
but a classic on gravity
of a man ever late
and sorry.