Happy Thanksgiving!


Not all gifts can be wrapped;
For there are blessings indisguised.
For there are goodness in this world
Not visible to the naked eyes.


Man and Numbers 


Tsk, tsk, tsk
He really has a thing for numbers,
I tell you.

his weight and body mass index,
length and width;
he eavesdrops his heart rate.

He squeezes ’til he sneezes
in dire attempt
to put his blood on a scale.

He even segregates white to red,
as if they’re Russia and U.S.
in conflict with one another.

He counts calories
and sugar
without using spoon
nor cups,
like as if
FDA requires
his nutritional label.

So I wonder,
what’s next,
Man, man, man,
oh man!
Perhaps he’s torn
between pores and hairs–
and which one
can pose
as his greatest,
and most meaningful
numerical challenge.

A Thousand Winters



A fading symphony
once playing
before the brightest stars,

A falling floret
once blooming
from million miles afar,

A dying wick
once flickering
in the darkest nights,

A dripping crimson
once flowing
as vector of life and dreams,

Now sinking fragments of yesterday
unto six-feet down under a lake of broken vows
for a thousand winters.

(Courtesy of YouTube)

youtube/’Broken Vow’