SillyBee Singing


What Matters

In this world
by the uneven hands
of a sleepless dome:

Though I’m not from Seattle,
I have to left-rest palm–
to get it right:
Time is not
so powerful
at all.

For this thing
in me,
ordains the clock
to take its course:

An audacious wish
to come
wherever I go,
foolish heart paints
a corolla
has grown.

In every sunshine,
and for each drop of rain
that falls:
It grows
a hundredfold.

In defiance
to let summer go,
SillyBee singing:
“What matters most”
is that
I have loved
at all.

I Love Love, Love . . .


I haven’t blog for a while due to a heavy tight schedule. But amid the threats of losing readership, I honestly don’t have the slightest fear and regret except for missing my friends’ posts. However, knowing most of them understand my special situations in life: I trust that in their hearts, they know I always support and pray for them. I wish all the best for their endeavors.

Hence, I am not giving up on anybody. I am not giving up friendship. Because, to write my musings and be able to express myself delights my heart; to blog and be touched by the most talented and kindhearted people in the planet–I can’t say goodbye! Sorry, I’m out for a while.

But please: Stay safe, happy, healthy, pretty and nice. I love love, love, love you, guys!

This Old Familiar Melody



It’s two-o’clock,
but it seems like six or seven.
The grayish clouds
are thickening;
and it’s starting
to drizzle.

As meek drops of rain
kiss the ground,
an old, familiar melody
begins to play.

As falling leaves in rust and yellow
waltz to the tune of autumn
in the bridge close to bayou,
silent tears
march on my cheeks.

And as the long, dark
and lonely eve approaches,
an old familiar gloom
looms anew.

Memories are rewinding,
while this very lonely heart
still yearns for you.