A Thousand Winters


A fading symphony
once playing
before the brightest stars,

A falling floret
once blooming
from million miles afar,

A dying wick
once flickering
in the darkest nights,

A dripping crimson
once flowing
as vector of life and dreams,

Now sinking fragments of yesterday
unto six-feet down under a lake of broken vows
for a thousand winters.

(Courtesy of YouTube)

youtube/’Broken Vow’

2 thoughts on “A Thousand Winters

  1. Your beautiful words inspired me to share a poem my sister…

    By Your Side

    Touch the softness of the vision
    that has crept inside your dreams
    and hear your hearts decision
    as it falls in love it seems

    with a love that it has only seen
    in the darkness of the night
    now feeling very inspired
    for its a vision from the God of light

    Rest peacefully within your dreams
    tasting the peace and solitude
    feeling now much more assured
    that a true love now waits for you

    Open your eyes and face the day
    using the spirit as your only guide
    for only he can lead your heart
    to the love who will stay by your side
    Wanted to bring a smile alive
    something good will come your
    way…this is my prayer for you!

    Your words are always inspiring my sister!

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