When Heart Finds Its Way Home

Subject to fair use; Courtesy of Google Images.

Subject to fair use; Courtesy of Google Images.

Home says,

“Where the hell have you been?

F! What took you so long?


Do you know how worried I am?

I have been sitting here

on this freakin’ doorstep

for hours,

no days,

no no weeks,

okay, okay


I mean years.

Geez, I wanted to drive

and look for you.

But stupid blizzards

got in my f’ckin’ way.

Yeah, unbelievable.

Unbelievable indeed!

What do you mean

the nosy?

No one is here,

you crazy!

They’re gone;

all gone–

long gone.

For quite awhile,

it’s just me–

and now,

with you,

and we’re all alone . . .

. . . so alone.”

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Featured song: We’re All Alone
Featured singers: Hawaii’s Cecilio and Kapono

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