A Mother’s Brag

Subject to fair use: Courtesy of thinkinghousewife.com Subject to fair use: Courtesy of thinkinghousewife.com

I am a mother,
and in my womb
I carry the genesis
of humanity.

That with all humility,
may Heaven and Earth
grant me the floor
to brag my sacred words and humble deeds,
so the World may truly understand me.

Listen and hear me
saying “Yes”
to life,
and a yes-filled life;

. . . always yelling “No”
to luxury and vices
though I hardly
take no for your answers;

. . . always reciting grace before our meals,
but alone I cry
to the Almighty
for thy sufferings;

. . . always uttering litanies and mantras
of budgeting and saving, of good manners and right conducts,
and of better days and brighter future that education offers–
all because you mean the world to me.

See and witness me
bringing you to existence.
raising a viable citizen, an achiever
and even a good leader in you;

. . . ever instilling the wisdom
of being responsible and sane, of being honest and prudent,
of being wise and frugal, and of being humble and God-fearing
deep within you;

. . . ever shaping you to a beautiful human being
out of my unconditional love,
and liberating the free-spirited in you
through this unwavering friendship.

Yes, I may have talked a lot,
or nagged here and there—
but it wasn’t “because
I said so,” my precious little one . . .

But it’s all because,
I am your mother–
and all I want and pray
is the best for you . . .

my child,
my Heaven sent.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

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