It’s True

You are:
~ The air that I breathe.
~ The rainbow that brightens my day.
~ The summer breeze that warms my cheeks.
~ The dream that keeps me going.
~ The apple of my eyes.
~ The strawberry of my lips.


For you are:
~ My loyal fan.
~ My kind critic.
~ My best friend.
~ My ardent lover.
~ My greatest fantasy.
~ My sweetest reality.


And, without you:
~ I cannot smile, nor grin.
~ It is like forever, I am missing teeth.
~ It is unimaginable to go on living.
~ It is so hard–so, so, so hard to keep on going . . .
. . . without you.


For it’s true,
I’m purple; I’m black; I’m blue,
without you,

Copy of Logo

Karen Carpenters’ version sounds good too.


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