Ironically, Covid-19


Aloha kakou! I hope this reach you in good health and great spirit. Thank you so much for dropping by and reading this post! As always, your presence here is greatly appreciated.

As for me, on April 13 I tested positive for Covid-19. However, more than my mortality, I was concerned about my new work, which I started in January.

In brief, my duties are mostly time sensitive and requires great deal of attention to detail. It entails helping small businesses avail assistance (pandemic related) from the federal government.

Thus, I got the position; because it was my graduating (Spring 2021) accounting research project in the University of Hawai’i – West O’ahu. Modesty aside, I earned a decent grade for it. I was even awarded a commendation by the faculty in a virtual student research symposium. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not about me. I worked on it so passionately for most businesses here, in this Aloha state, are small businesses. I know (first hand) how they struggled during the pandemic.

Hence, it’s a common knowledge that the Covid-19 pandemic hurt economies. It disrupted businesses especially, small businesses in the travel, hotel and lodging, and restaurants industries from 2020 and who knows ‘til now. Without the help from the government and the community, they won’t make it.

For that reason and personally too, although I suffered from some symptoms and quite a handful of medical procedures; I can’t be bitter for the positive diagnosis. Because without Covid-19, I don’t even have my job. Truthfully, through my work:
I got renewed confidence, I recovered from depression, I am back hoping for a better future—but most importantly, I have this bundle of joy from doing something meaningful, touching people’s lives. It is such a humbling privilege. I am so grateful to God.

That amid negative test result, and yet I still suffer from itchy throat; I still get easily tired; but, I can’t be sour nor bitter. Simply because, I am still helping a lot of people too everyday. And I find no trivial question or request from anyone who truly needs help.

For example, one lady customer who claimed she was uncomfortable with computers and the Internet (which are integral to many work processes). Although, it’s out of my job description already, I walked her through the process over the phone for more than twenty minutes (or so) for about two weeks. And then when we successfully completed her affairs, she offered me complimentary services in their salon. She said, “Are you here on O’ahu?” I answered, “Yes.”
She continued, “If you have a chance to come in this area, please visit our salon. We do facial tattoos/permanent makeup. Please let us compliment you for your amazing help all throughout.” I said, “No, ma’am. Thank you. You are so kind and sweet. But we’re just so thankful to be of service to you.” And I mean it with all my heart. I wish to tell her, I am just a humble instrument of God.

I guess what I am trying to share: Life is full of ironies. And we are all vulnerable. But no matter good or bad, there’s always goodness in everything. Lastly, there’s an outright joy in finding and striving for common good.

Mahalo nui loa. To God be always all the glory!

Me ke aloha,


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Ang Iyong pagmamahal:

Hindi sasapat ang sangkalakawan,

Hindi kailanman masusukat ninuman—

Sadyang tunay na walang hangganan.

Ang Iyong kabutihan:

Damang-dama sa kaibuturan ng sangkatauhan,

Damang-dama lalo na sa aming kagipitan—

Sadyang pinagpala Ka magpakailanman.

Ang Iyong ganda:

Walang kawangis,

Walang bahid—

Mukhang walang hugis, pinakatatangi.

Abba, sa Iyong pag-ibig

Ako ay taimtim na tumatangis!

Dilat man o nakapikit,

Abba, Iyong matimyas na mukha ang aking minimithi.

Mahal kita, Abba!

Mahal kita, Abba.

Salamat Ama!

Salamat, Ama.

Tagalog Translation

(Not verbatim)

Your love:

Not even the universe can come close;

Not one; no one can ever measure—

The true infinite defying space and time.

Your goodness:

Conquers every being;

Conquers all adversities—

Grace blessed eternally.

Your beauty:

None can’t come close;

None, not a flaw!

Shapeless face, I’m in awe!

Abba, I am in awe of you!

I am so in awe of you.

Awake or asleep,

Abba, I long to see Your face.

I love You, Abba!

I love you, Abba.

Thank You, Father!

Thank You, Father.