Aloha Kakou

Aloha kakou, WordPress! It’s been a while since my last post. And I just miss you all—so, so, so much! For the most of you who know me since I started blogging way back 2008, you know how writing and blogging means a lot to me. They have been my refuge when I was at the bottom rock of unemployment and depression. And you, beautiful people, have been so generous of lending me your ears and keeping me company. Thank you all! Thank you all. Thank you all. . . Thus, I hope and pray that everyone is safe, healthy, in love and happy. As for me, yes: I am getting old and going back to fat. But, but, but I am optimistic that I am heading to full recovery. My reasons are below.

Last May, I finally completed my baccalaureate degree in business administration (with the concentration in accounting). Although I barely made it to my goal, I feel blessed attaining such a milestone amid debilitating health challenges and demoralizing string of financial issues. Although I struggled, I am convinced that I earned something noble and humbling enough to inspire my kids to pursue their dreams—pursue knowledge and education and be the best versions of themselves.

However, I know that I didn’t get this far solely on my own. And I am grateful having my teachers and my alma matter to whom I owe the skills, knowledge, and wisdom. For it was at school, in academia, where I felt I belonged. Because if it was just me alone, wow! With all my challenges, issues, and imperfections: In a single step, I could have crumbled like a sandcastle. Simply, I am a living testimony that goodness still reigns in this world.

Another newsworthy reason: I just made amends with my two older sisters, Lisa, and Camille. We grew up and got old in a seemingly endless sibling rivalry. Admittedly, being the youngest, I was pampered by my parents. Admittedly, I withdrew and distanced myself away from all of them, thinking I don’t have time for unhealthy conversations. But the old me died in December 2017 following a nerve-wracking and death-defying employment (and I’m just happy to be alive). Seriously, now, more than ever, I am compelled that humility tops honesty. That perhaps the latter is the best policy; but the first, is the golden policy. Most importantly, a simple “I love you,” can heal deep wounds and cuts from the past. “I love you” must be the best bandaid then, as we ended the competition and started just being sisters to one another.

Finally, with my bachelor’s degree out of the way, I am very few steps away from my dream. And to convince myself that I still have time to chase it, I avoid the mirror (just so the skeptics know). But it isn’t because, I am overconfident. It’s just that all dreams deserve to be pursued with perseverance, resilience, determination, tenacity, courage, hope and faith. Rest assured, I am still chasing mines. I hope you’re chasing yours too.

Aloha nui loa! To God be all the glory. Happy blogging everybody!

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