To Live or To Die

A prideful man brings sunset in every facets of his life day and night. His emptiness is as deep and vast as the sea. And his ego is like the sands that he can’t avoid or let go–such a sight of an impoverished soul.

(Originally published as To Live or To Die For, September 28, 2017)


There are battles in the greenest fields

and in the bluest seas;

corpses soak in bloods of their own–

to men of dignity and valor

they belong.


There are battles in the wildest forests

and in the most sacred skies;

destitute remains unidentified

noble souls soar to heaven

mightier than the mightiest eagles fly.


But the toughest battles

are fought hard in a hell deep inside

by medalless warriors defeated by rotten pride–

fatalities of truth–

buried alive.


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