Be Encouraged

By Max Ehrmann ©️ 1927


. . . to strive for ideals and aspirations

With no fear and hesitation;

For though you’re born with imperfections,

Every courageous step you take

To better yourself

Is a heroism that speaks for itself.


. . . to stand for a cause

And work your way

To be at the right side of history—

Not for applause–nor for any sort of pressure–

But to take stance for what is fair and just

For it is everyone’s moral responsibility

To take part in creating a better world.


. . . to love

Amid hate;

To be humble

Amid bigotry and boastfulness

For even in the midst of darkness

Goodness will prevail

As a beacon of truth

That no one can defy.


. . . to be happy

even in the midst of strife.

For although life

May seem cruel at times,

You have countless of blessings

From which you can draw your strength

And pin your hopes.

Have faith for the bright mornings ahead

and sunny tomorrows.


Cherish life,

Because you are a gift

In the eyes of your Creator;

And that you matter—

Regardless of your ideology,

Or the color of your skin,

Or the language you speak.


So be encouraged

To find your purpose;

To live your best life.

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