So Long Summer

(Originally posted September 5, 2018)
Red roses wilt as fervor gone.

Blooms of purple,

Blooms of yellow,

. . . lavenders and sunflowers–they turn pale and mellow.

In display are the fading hues of sad meadows.


The Midnight Sun’s a tease,

Leaving night navy skies a lot to miss.

Leaving farthest northerners

Wistful and down-

Who never needed a clown?


The Arctic Light is quick to leave.

When will Sunrise meet Sunset–

For billion years the skies ponder, it can’t sleep.

In debt?

In love? The last seems likely, I think.


Goats abandoned Southwest Morocco:

Through feasting,

Through with argan trees–

For in agony are jaws and vestigial toes.

Hope is a keeper; Sorrows come and go.


So long Summer,

So long.

My arms spread

In oblation: Own me heavenly Dad.

To autumn, I am ready to say hello.


(Courtesy of YouTube)

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