A Wistful In Conflict

(Updated 01/03/2020)

Surrendering to nostalgia,

I’m deaf to the ticks of clock.

I hear nothing

but throbbing,

and the murmurs of our dream. . .

. . . enduring an invincible wish:

Your breath

soft-talking to my skin;

Mine chasing yours to live.

Let me call TheCab for reality.

. . . for who did love,

and didn’t lose it

at some point?

Sanity in apathy—

it is not strange at all.

Battling an invisible war

is always one’s call.

Dire! I died over

and over

taking the call.

Should have

hang up?


Bigger than popsie in orange–

oh, that I know!

Yet still,

the hopeful romantic still

thinking in vain,

hoping and loving

just the same.

YouTube/invisible War/Sitti Navarro

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