A Mountain, a Poem—and that Sense of Gratitude

Bouquet of flowers from my Aloha Sunshine Tours ohana: Thank you Jessica and everyone at AST!


I have not returned any of your generosity for the past two weeks due to a medical condition–forgive me. Thanks for your patience and kind understanding.

Anyhow, I just got discharged from a hospital in Kaneohe. And believe it or not; I am thankful for being there in the past ten days and for lots of reasons:

Topping all, I got to wake up seeing the Koolau Mountain, which is one of the most beautiful things here, in Oahu. Feel free to check it out:

(Koolau Mountains Oahu Hawaii. a Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 19267195 | Shutterstock

Images may be subject to copyright.)

Next, I met genuinely wonderful people who encouraged and lift me up. We exchanged stories, shared bits of our struggles and our coping plans. I thought it was special. But what I was amazed of really, was in simple activities, we dealt with a great amount of drama in graceful ways.

I also attended therapeutic activities: we got into arts; from coloring to drawing—we collaborated. In the end, I met and bonded with a darling named Idin, a golden retriever, who was so sweet and gentle.

Lastly, the unifying thread in all of these, is the generosity of time well spent to meaningful moments. Although I lose payroll hours and I might not able to keep my job—I am very thankful for this recent confinement for its spiritual worth.

Finally, I love you guys. I am always grateful for your wonderful company–Thank you! I’ll see you in yours shortly.



YouTube/Moon and Stars/Kalapana

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